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Doesnt work unless you change wi-fi settings, then web browser doesnt work. So NOT sweet, I want my 2 dollars!

Save your money

The software does not work. I want my 2 dollars back.

Load PDFs Not Possible

Why cant you load PDFs from your computer using iTunes, this app is a dud, otherwise. Dont buy it. I want my money back too.

Pdf Reader Pro Editon

This software is nothing but the same thing that comes with Iphone. Its search option does not work which means you spend your money for nothing. you are better off with Iphones reader. the only good thing about it is that it allows you to jump to any specific page.

A Basic PDF Reader

This is a basic PDF reader. Once you figure it out you can organize your documents in folders. I had some issues and sent an question to the good folks at technical support. They answered within a day. For a $1.99 it is fine.

Does not share

Does not appear to share documnets with PC.

Great app

This app does everything the description says it does. You cant do USB transfer, wifi works fine ( try firefox browser for transfer because Internet explorer didnt work for me) and stop complaining that it was a rip because it isnt and even if it was its 2 bucks. the thing I dont understand is how to buy the scan thing


Im unhappy will erase it. The free one is better. Its just my opinion.

Not happy

I paid for this app and it has locked features. It ask for additional money to unlock them. Never going to spend a dime again on anything this app has to or to its creators. waste of money, used a free app and it had more features for free.

Shuts down

Running a search causes this app to close.


Its good to read your pdf but as soon as you try search for something the pdfreader shutdown not really convenient. Everything else work fine. The scanner is very very very very slow. I cannot crop anything because the app is to slow I bought an app at 0.99 and it work a way faster. Sorry but PDFreader pro with the scanner does not worth the $4.00 I paid for it.


Search function does not work at all *@#$%

ok program

I got this program as it had search capabilities, however it has a really poor search option and doesnt even show me where the word on page.

What a waste of two bucks

Minimal functionality, poorly designed UI noncompliant with iPhone development guidelines, and it tries to pimp the scanner "extension" every time you start the application, which is not included. Get Kdan Mobile Softwares PDF Reader instead.

what a waste

I thought this app would open PDF files from my email. It doesnt. Waste of money. So, no, I DO NOT want an upgrade on an app I cannot use. Save your money. I would like my money back!

Worth every penny

I paid for other reader apps and after wasting time and money (only $5.00 but still) I found this beauty. No complaints so far, it works pretty good with large files and Customer service is 5 stars.

it didnt work

I bought this program to read pdf eBooks, and it said i coud get them off my computor. It lied. it is not user friendly and I never did find a way to get a single ebook into this program. I redcomend iBooks. Its free, and you can use itunes to put eBooks right into it.

FRAUD Warning!!!!!

To every one who wants to buy this!!! DO NOT DO THIS Its cheating!!!! This app on iPhone is in fact an other application and has nothing similar with the features described. There is no way to import a file in it!!! No iTunes file sharing nor email or dropbox! This is disgusting! I want my money back!!!!

A really powerful app for a really powerful device

This is another great application for a great product, since the iPhone came out on 2007, I realized that the iPhone is and will be the most powerful tool for any type of worker. This and other apps help my iPhone be the best business tool EVER.


So you buy this app only to have to buy another app just to scan total cost $3.98 and it tells you the item is to large to email. One sheet of paper, please????? Just been ripped off!!!!! Also this webpage will not put negative reviews up first so be sure to look at most recent reviews. CHEAT!!!!! Now TurboScan sent the same document in a mater of minutes, not to large for TurboScan.

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